Treats in Troy, PA
Coffee Peanuts Popcorn Shrub

About Mill Street Treats

started in December 2014 and since then has expanded to include fresh roasted coffee, roasted peanuts and soft-serve ice cream! About 3 years before his retirement, John Seeley decided that he was going to open a popcorn shop, so he established his shop in one of the oldest buildings in town, set up his equipment, and Mill Street Caramel Corn was born. All of Mill Street Treat’s ingredients are bought locally and have the feel and flavor of it’s small-town home. Made personally by John and Shane, each item is made with the love and care their customers deserve.

Premium Popcorn
Premium Popcorn which comes in many mouthwatering flavors. From sweet to spicy to savory… Caramel Corn, White Chocolate Cherry, White Cheddar, Buffalo Wing and many, many more. Our popcorn is made with the finest ingredients which comes together to create a great tasting treat.

Soft Serve Ice Cream
“It’s fantastic,” – That’s what our customers say. We sell Upstate Ice Cream from New York. The ice cream is made by a dairy cooperative of farmers. It tastes good, and people are amazed at how creamy it tastes. It is the creamiest of all of the ones we tried. One of the reasons it’s a little creamier is that it has a little higher butter fat content.

Fresh Roasted Peanuts
The peanuts have just the desired salty taste without an excess of salt on the surface, and that when thus salted and roasted, they are crisp and attractive. “There are people who roast peanuts, but not everyone also salt brines them,” said John Seeley. “And I don’t know anyone who loves roasting peanuts as much as I do!”

Premium Coffee
Coffee Beans, Ground Coffee and K-Cups are some of the choices here. Roasted here with several different flavors. The smooth, delicious flavors will leave you wanting more.

John Seeley ..Owner
John Seeley, retired shop teacher from Troy High School enjoyed wood carving and has made one carousel horse and was working on two more until the popcorn, coffee and his son-in-law got into the picture. John enjoys greeting people and getting to know his customers.

Shane Morgan ..Owner
Shane Morgan, a skilled sheet metal worker and John’s son-in-law found himself picking up the slack for John. Shane has a special affinity for coffee and has perfected roasting our coffee beans, whether it be light or dark roasted. He has become our chief cook and bottle washer.

Katie Seeley Morgan
Masters in Education, B.S. Nutrition, Independent Consultant
My Dad (John) and I talked about having a coffee shop for over 20 years! When my dad retired from teaching he purchased the caramel corn maker along with a popcorn maker and said he was going to pop some popcorn on the weekends just for fun. We had no idea that would soon be selling popcorn, roasting peanuts, and roasting our own coffee! My job at Mill Street is usually creating new popcorn flavors from scratch, and evaluating our ingredients making sure that we are doing our best to offer customers the best tasting popcorn that is healthy and free from modified growth hormones. I believe in selling whole foods whenever possible. We all make an effort to purchase our ingredients from other small businesses which help make for a better product. Our next adventure would be to open an espresso bar, and antique soda fountain bar. Our goal is to make people happy! Peace-love-popcorn-peanut-and coffee!

Coffee Peanuts Popcorn Shrub

Mill Street Ice Cream and Popcorn Shop, 2467 Sylvania Rd, Troy, PA 16947